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Wwise SDK 2021.1.8
Release Notes 2021.1.8

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2021.1.7 and version 2021.1.8.
Platform-specific information can be found here:

For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes.

Performance Changes

  • WG-56596 WAAPI calls made in pre or post-generation steps are now processed as fast as those run in the command line.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-53467 Fixed: WwiseConsole consumes 100% of CPU on macOS.
  • WG-54064 Fixed: Callback not registered when loading a SoundBank in low-memory conditions.
  • WG-58730 Fixed: Remote Connections dialog box doesn't always list all available instances on the local machine.
  • WG-58825 Fixed: Incorrect DurationMin/DurationMax reported on sample-accurate containers with transition time greater than 0.
  • WG-58947 Fixed: SoundSeed Grain is missing the filename display update in the Contents Editor.
  • WG-59021 Fixed: Audible click when a sound transitions from Main Mix to Audio Objects due to adjustments in the Speaker Panning / 3D Spatialization Mix of the playing sound.
  • WG-59071 Fixed: Wwise Convolution Reverb Channel Config drop-down list is not refreshed after loading a new IR file.
  • WG-59244 Fixed: Media IDs not evaluated for custom Effects when reloading a Work Unit in the Master-Mixer Hierarchy.
  • WG-59273 Fixed: Wwise fails to launch on macOS Monterey version 12.3.
  • WG-59359 Fixed: WwiseConsole sometimes exits early.
  • WG-59425 Fixed: An out-of-place Object Processor Effect on the Master Audio Bus sends erroneous data to the Audio Device.
  • WG-59473 Fixed: Possible Wwise Authoring crash when loading plug-ins built with a more recent Wwise SDK.
  • WG-59568 Fixed: Convolution in Filter mode replicates left channel to all dry output channels.
  • WG-59569 Fixed: Timeout of main loop is sometimes ignored in WwiseConsole.

Fixes for Community-Reported Bugs

  • WG-57147 Fixed: Crash in GameObject3DCtrl::TermScene when activating the Game Object 3D Viewer.
  • WG-57941 Fixed: Priority "offset by distance" is not updated when a voice is virtual due to playback limit and the sound has the Hold Emitter Position and Orientation option selected.
  • WG-58626 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Spread applied by Spatial Audio is sometimes discontinuous when either the emitter or listener transitions into a portal that is not already on the path.
  • WG-58706 Fixed: Missing migration step to remove boxmodel.wav original file from iZotope Box Modeler factory assets.
  • WG-58743 Fixed: When crossing a portal, long diffraction paths may cut out, even if the diffraction value does not exceed 100%.
  • WG-58802 Fixed: Uninitialized variable in struct AkBufferPosInformation.
  • WG-58837 Fixed: Audio Device Effects sometimes fail to load when Init.bnk is loaded asynchronously.
  • WG-58943 Fixed: Possible crash and audio corruption when using 3D Audio on Windows and Xbox.
  • WG-59019 Fixed: Possible crash if AK::SoundEngine::AddOutput() is called immediately after AK::SoundEngine::Init().
  • WG-59259 Fixed: Crash when setting an RTPC value with transition under low memory conditions.
  • WG-59382 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Straight line paths through multiple portals can sometimes have non-zero diffraction.
  • WG-59449 Fixed: codecvt dependency in WwiseAuthoringAPI SampleClient's AkAutoBahn library.
  • WG-59602 Fixed: Some SoundSeed Woosh randomizer options don't work as expected when starting new instances.
  • WG-59751 Fixed: Hang during SoundBank Generation when using a specific Switch Container structure.