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Wwise SDK 2021.1.10
Release Notes 2021.1.10

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2021.1.9 and version 2021.1.10.
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For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes.

Behavior Changes

  • WG-60412 Multi-channel Audio Objects that are sent to the output device as System Audio Objects now have volumes similar to those of equivalent multi-channel sources being panned to a Main Mix or Passthrough Mix. This change reduces the volume of multi-channel System Audio Objects by several decibels depending on their channel count, for example -3db for a stereo source or -7db for a quadraphonic source. In practice, this means that any corrections to the mix that were made specifically for 3D Audio in this regard can be removed.

Performance Changes

  • WG-54292 (Spatial Audio) Reduced the number of redundant paths for room game objects.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-58695 Fixed: Possible crash when removing Voice Data profiling data and doing Start Capture.
  • WG-59298 Fixed: Changes to the volume matrix in the AK_SpeakerVolumeMatrix callback only take effect on the next audio frame.
  • WG-59312 Fixed: Audio Objects that are mixed to a Main Mix or Passthrough Mix on the Output Device have an audible crackle due to discontinuous panning when the Audio Object position changes.
  • WG-59864 Fixed: Wwise undo commands stop working if the client is closed while using WAAPI scripts.
  • WG-60068 Fixed: The visual size of the spread circle is wrong in the Audio Object 3D View when using Focus and Spread at the same time with mono sounds.
  • WG-60103 Fixed: Memory leak when running the sound engine while allocating a new effect.
  • WG-60348 Fixed: SetGameObjectRadius API call does not return its Game Object ID.
  • WG-60428 Fixed: 4-channel Audio Objects that are sent to the output device as individual System Audio Objects have improper positioning.
  • WG-60510 Fixed: ComputeSphericalVBAPGains returns slightly inaccurate volumes.
  • WG-60564 Fixed: Possible memory leaks when memory allocations fail while registering game objects.
  • WG-60579 Fixed: SetGameObjectToPortalObstruction and SetPortalToPortalObstruction objects and values are not printed to API Calls.
  • WG-60686 Fixed: Property Editor does not refresh correctly when viewing a Music Switch Container after a Work Unit is reloaded.
  • WG-60833 Fixed: Time Stretch effect on virtual voice (play from elapsed time) can cause CPU spike with certain Pitch values.
  • WG-60861 Fixed: Crash when sending empty AkAcousticSurface names.
  • WG-60899 Fixed: Crash in Query Editor when Column Configuration includes "Sizes Preview/Total Size".
  • WG-60919 Fixed: Cannot paste a music clip after cutting it in the Music Segment Editor.
  • WG-60938 Fixed: Incorrect samples produced in the tail of a Time Stretch effect.
  • WG-60967 Fixed: Wwise leaks memory when copying or cutting Music Event Cues.

Fixes for Community-Reported Bugs

  • WG-59458 Fixed: Audio distortion when using more than one Mastering Suite plug-in in a single project.
  • WG-59586 Fixed: Possible crash when using a slider to adjust a convolution reverb property.
  • WG-59913 Fixed: Crash when calling AK::SoundEngine::StopAll right after AK::SoundEngine::ClearBanks while MIDI music contexts are playing.
  • WG-59929 Fixed: Portal obstruction does not affect room tones.
  • WG-60215 Fixed: Audio Input plug-in does not produce sound in Wwise Authoring.
  • WG-60243 Fixed: Crash when audio device is disconnected for a long time.
  • WG-60352 Fixed: Effect plug-ins are packaged in SoundBanks for unlinked platforms.
  • WG-60373 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) A room tone that propagates to the listener's room through two possible paths, while traversing different intermediate rooms, is only heard through the shorter of the two paths.
  • WG-60415 Fixed: Cannot import audio files using unicode characters on macOS.
  • WG-60576 Fixed: Crash when reloading a State Group Work Unit while a Music Switch Container is in the Property Editor.
  • WG-60592 Fixed: Crash when using Modulators that use RTPCs bound to built-in properties.
  • WG-60618 Fixed: Errors reported by Address Sanitizer for AK::DeviceEnumeratorHelper() function.
  • WG-60699 Fixed: Crash when opening a project when colors are set on Music Clips.
  • WG-60739 Fixed: Custom Properties are not accessible in WAQL when they are defined under the project.
  • WG-60823 Fixed: Crash when using the curve menu on the Audio Source Editor after the source is changed in an external editor.
  • WG-60946 Fixed: Importing an additional audio file source using WAAPI or tab-delimited import does not set the source as active.
  • WG-61077 Fixed: Crash when playing a Music Switch Container using a Switch Group linked to an RTPC with a built-in value (distance, for example).