Wwise Version
Wwise SDK 2021.1.6
Installing Plug-ins

Plug-ins are used in Wwise to offer source control capabilities directly in the application. A regular installation of Wwise contains four plug-ins:

  • No Source Control
  • Other Source Control
  • Perforce
  • Subversion

The No Source Control and Other Source Control plug-ins are contained in one DLL file, DefaultPlugins.dll, while the Perforce and Subversion plug-ins are contained in separate DLL files, AkPerforce.dll and AkSubversion.dll.

It is recommended that you use the following naming convention for the file name of your plug-in: (Company name or initials)(Plug-in name).dll. This will reduce any possibility of name clashing.

On startup, Wwise searches for these plug-in files in the sourcecontrol subfolder. To install a plug-in, you must copy the DLL file to the appropriate location: "Authoring/x64/Release/bin/sourcecontrol" folder in the main Wwise folder.

Warning: The default installation folder for Wwise is "<ProgramFiles>\Audiokinetic\Wwise <VERSION> <BUILD>", but Wwise users may install it elsewhere. If you create an installer for your plug-in, it should not assume that Wwise is installed in its default location.
Note: Sample source control plug-ins distributed with the Wwise SDK generate their DLLs in "Win32\<Config>\bin\sourcecontrol". DLLs should be copied from this folder to the sourcecontrol folder in Wwise's main installation folder, as described above.