Wwise SDK 2021.1.10
Using Raw Image Sources

While Wwise Reflect may be used and controlled by the game directly using AK::SoundEngine::SendPluginCustomGameData, Spatial Audio makes its use easier by providing convenient per-emitter bookkeeping, as well as packaging of image sources. Also, it lets you mix and match "raw" image sources with surface reflectors (potentially on the same target bus/plug-in).

Game side setup

Call AK::SpatialAudio::SetImageSource for each image source. Target the bus ID and optional game object ID (note that the game object ID may also be a listener or the main listener). Refer to AkReflectImageSource for more details on how to describe an image source.

Image sources may be provided to Wwise Reflect by game engines that already implement this functionality, via ray-casting or their own image-source algorithm, for example.

Wwise project setup

See the Wwise project setup above for the Using the Geometry API for Simulating Early Reflections - which is the same. You can also refer to the Wwise Reflect documentation in the Wwise Help for an example design of Reflect on FPS sound.

Note: Early reflection send level and bus in the authoring tool do not apply to image sources set using AK::SpatialAudio::SetImageSource(). When using this function, the Reflect bus and send level may only be set programmatically.