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The maximum length of a geometric diffraction path between the emitter and the listener, in the case that they are in the same room. When the emitter and listener are in different rooms, this value represents the maximum possible diffracted path-segment length between the emitter and a portal (in the same room as the emitter). When the listener and emitter are in different rooms, calculated paths between the listener and portals, and/or those between two portals, are shared between all emitters requiring them, and so are not subject to diffractionMaxPathLength. The final path from the emitter to the listener may end up being longer than diffractionMaxPathLength, when the total path traverses a number of rooms and portals. Should generally be no longer (and possibly shorter for less CPU usage) than the maximum attenuation used on the sound emitter. Setting diffractionMaxPathLength to 0 effectively disables geometric diffraction for this sound emitter. When using geometric diffraction, a good starting point is the maximum possible distance that the sound should travel.

Definition at line 190 of file AkSpatialAudio.h.