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Wwise SDK 2019.1.6
Important Migration Notes 2019.1

As a consequence of some of the new features in 2019.1, you will need to pay attention to a couple of things when migrating to Wwise 2019.1.

There is no longer an Encoding Mode property associated with the ADPCM codec

With the switch to the ADPCM codec from Platinum Games, there is no longer support for an encoding mode. The migration will remove any instance of this property from the ADPCM Plugin SharedPropertyList in the Wwise project file and from any Work Unit files.

WAAPI Log Item Format

ak.wwise.core.log.get and ak.wwise.core.log.itemAdded now return a messageId of type string instead of integer. and now return the list of error log entries when the call fails. These entries can be retrieved as an array through the log property of the details object.

Previous Container History Invalidated

Container history saved via the function GetContainerHistory is not compatible with Wwise 2019.1 and must be discarded. Otherwise, functions GetContainerHistory and SetContainerHistory behave as before.

Wwise.exe "-CallFromWrapperApp" Argument Removed

It was previously possible to pass the "-CallFromWrapperApp" argument to Wwise.exe to enable command line commands. This argument has been removed: all command line functionality has been moved to WwiseCLI.exe.