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Wwise SDK 2021.1.6
Release Notes 2021.1.1

The following sections list and describe the changes to Wwise between version 2021.1 and version 2021.1.1.
Platform-specific information can be found here:

For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes.

New Features

  • WG-53068 Profiler Filter - The prefix "go" now matches numerical Game Object in addition to the Game Object name.
  • WG-53834 Profiler: Added the ability to filter Game Objects from the shortcut menu using the Game Object ID.

API Changes

Behavior Changes

  • WG-53829 Using specific listeners is mandatory for the call AddOutput() for game controller outputs. An error is now printed in the log.

Performance Changes

  • WG-53673 Improved performance of 3D views in Wwise Authoring.
  • WG-53849 Significantly improved performance of CompressorFX when processing very wide channel configurations with Channel Link enabled. For example, throughput performance when processing 3rd-order ambisonics has improved by 4x, and throughput performance when processing 5th-order ambisonics has improved by 20x.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • WG-51974 Improved the positioning of the Texture labels in Spatial Audio Volumes.
  • WG-53798 Added the following optional counters to the Performance Monitor:
    • Spatial Audio - Computed Edges
    • Spatial Audio - Diffraction Edges
    • Spatial Audio - Path Validation CPU
    • Spatial Audio - Portal Path Validation CPU
    • Spatial Audio - Portal Raytracing CPU
    • Spatial Audio - Raytracing CPU
    • Spatial Audio - Triangles

Bug Fixes

  • WG-45950 Fixed: 3D Meter does not respond correctly to multiple sources.
  • WG-48324 Fixed: It's possible to play a platform-excluded Music Segment in Wwise authoring.
  • WG-51624 Fixed: Small memory leak when using Wwise Motion plug-in with DirectInput controllers.
  • WG-52037 Fixed: Use-after-free error using sample-accurate transitions on sources with markers close to the end of the file.
  • WG-53070 Fixed: Bank name supplied to AK::SoundEngine::UnloadBank() isn't used in profiler error messages.
  • WG-53246 Fixed: Analysis is re-run unnecessarily on some files, leading to unwanted changes in SoundBank data.
  • WG-53259 Fixed: Continuous Blend containers with continuous child containers resume playback when paused.
  • WG-53409 Fixed: Spatial Audio room's internal objects can be unnecessarily updated multiple times in some circumstances.
  • WG-53437 Fixed: Potential infinite loop in BankReader when loading a SoundBank containing some already-loaded media and the I/O device block size is greater than 1.
  • WG-53451 Fixed: Motion Source piling up when used in a Trigger rate container.
  • WG-53495 Fixed: Seek offset can be slightly off when Vorbis voice comes back from virtual with the Play From Elapsed Time behavior.
  • WG-53513 Fixed: Wwise crash when a node corresponding to one of the rows in the Contents Editor is deleted.
  • WG-53528 Fixed: Notes field does not wrap text correctly when resized.
  • WG-53536 Fixed: Crash when loading or unloading audio assets while Convolution Reverb is in use.
  • WG-53556 Fixed: Source plug-ins don't play when using sample-accurate transitions involving hardware decoders (e.g., Opus, Vorbis, ATRAC9).
  • WG-53590 Fixed: Panning behaves incorrectly when multiple 3D views are shown.
  • WG-53628 Fixed: (WAAPI) Can't create a Custom Cue on a Music Segment.
  • WG-53631 Fixed: Voice Inspector reports incorrect values for time and envelope modulators on volume and make-up gain.
  • WG-53632 Fixed: No error message in Profiler when SetBusEffect fails to load the specified Effect.
  • WG-53675 Fixed: The 3D Meter does not show the correct information when moving the profiling session cursor in the past.
  • WG-53677 Fixed: Possible crash when opening Voices Graph.
  • WG-53691 Fixed: Incorrect first frame volume for low frequency LFO modulators.
  • WG-53738 Fixed: Crash when Impacter memory allocation fails.
  • WG-53741 Fixed: Crash in CAkSpatialAudioComponent::GetActiveRoom on memory failure.
  • WG-53742 Fixed: Possible memory leak in AK::SoundEngine::DecodeBank under low-memory conditions.
  • WG-53743 Fixed: Illegal memory read in iZotope Trash Box Modeller plug-in under low-memory conditions.
  • WG-53749 Fixed: Assert in AkAcousticRoom::AddTransmissionRay() on memory failure.
  • WG-53776 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) Potential invalid hit point returned in ray triangle intersection.
  • WG-53792 Fixed: Possible crash in Wwise on startup.
  • WG-53801 Fixed: Connection Dialog shows v2021.1.0 as "Different version" even with the proper version.
  • WG-53802 Fixed: The order of ObjectLists for a given object can change in the Work Unit files when saving a project.
  • WG-53965 Fixed: Incorrect generation of SoundBank data related to attachment properties when using mixer plug-ins and processing status of busses differ across platforms.
  • WG-54005 Fixed: High amount of "Total Reserved" memory after sound engine initialization.
  • WG-54070 Fixed: Wwise can crash when scrolling through the Project Explorer when the Metadata tab is open.

Fixes for Community-Reported Bugs

  • WG-52990 Fixed: Possible crash when opening a project under certain situations.
  • WG-53508 Fixed: GetSourcePlayPositions reports the wrong position for ATRAC9 sources encoded at sample rates lower than 48KHz.
  • WG-53539 Fixed: Performance slows down when many Blend Containers are driven by Modulators.
  • WG-53587 Fixed: Deadlock and potential data corruption when generating SoundBanks during the conversion process.
  • WG-53878 Fixed: Wwise can crash if a referenced Metadata shareset no longer exists in the project.
  • WG-54072 Fixed: (Spatial Audio) The Room/Portal traversal algorithm may generate paths that loop back through the listener's room. These paths are inaudible but may result in a performance hit when trying to compute them.
  • WG-54109 Fixed: Crash upon Profiler connection when Blend Containers are playing and have limiters.