Wwise Version
Target Platform(s):
Wwise SDK 2021.1.6
Windows-Specific AkPlatformInitSettings

This page contains information about the Windows-specific initialization settings.

HWND hWnd Handle to the window associated to the audio.
Each game must specify the HWND of the application for device detection purposes.
The value returned by GetDefaultPlatformInitSettings is the foreground HWND at the moment of the initialization of the sound engine and may not be the correct one for your game.
It is required that each game provides the correct HWND to be used.
AkThreadProperties threadLEngine Lower engine threading properties.
AkThreadProperties threadOutputMgr Ouput thread threading properties.
AkThreadProperties threadBankManager Bank manager threading properties (its default priority is AK_THREAD_PRIORITY_NORMAL).
AkThreadProperties threadMonitor Monitor threading properties (its default priority is AK_THREAD_PRIORITY_ABOVENORMAL). This parameter is not used in Release build.
AkUInt16 uNumRefillsInVoice Number of refill buffers in voice buffer. 2 == double-buffered, defaults to 4.
AkUInt32 uSampleRate Sampling Rate. Default is 48000 Hz. Use 24000hz for low quality. Any positive reasonable sample rate is supported. However be careful setting a custom value. Using an odd or really low sample rate may result in malfunctionning sound engine.
bool bEnableAvxSupport Enables run-time detection of AVX and AVX2 SIMD support in the engine and plug-ins. Disabling this may improve CPU performance by allowing for higher CPU clockspeeds.
AkUInt32 uMaxSystemAudioObjects Dictates how many Microsoft Spatial Sound dynamic objects will be reserved by the System sink. On Windows, other running processes will be prevented from reserving these objects. Set to 0 to disable the use of System Audio Objects. Default is 128.
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