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(Plugin ID : 68)
(Class ID : 4456464)

Refer to ak.wwise.core.object.setProperty and ak.wwise.core.object.setReference to set properties and references with WAAPI. Also refer to Querying the Wwise Project to learn how to query properties and references.


Name Display Name Type Default Restriction Read-only Supported RTPC Type Supports Link/Unlink
Color Color int16 0 [ 0 , 26 ] false None false
GroupType Group Type int16 0 Possible values :
Value Display Name
0 Global
2 User Binding Group
3 User Binding Group Root
4 Current Selection

true None false
HardwareControllerKey Controller Assignment string   None true None false
ObjectIndexInView Object Index in View int32 1 [ 1 , 128 ] false None false
OverrideColor Override Color bool false None true None false
TargetClassID Target Class ID int32 0 None true None false
TargetName Property string   None true None false
TargetType Target Type int16 0 Possible values :
Value Display Name
0 Property
1 Action
2 Command

true None false