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Wwise SDK 2021.1.3
Plug-in First Time Creation Notice

Upon first use in a given project, a plug-in can optionally display a notice in a message box. This feature is provided as a separate class that can be added to the plug-in container (refer to Library Plug-in Container for more details on the plug-in container).

Here is a sample class that defines a message and adds the class to the plug-in container MyPlugin:

class MyCreationMessagePlugin
MyCreationMessagePlugin(AK::Wwise::Plugin::PluginInfo* in_pluginInfo) {}
const char* GetKey() const override
return "Company.MyCreationMessagePlugin";
const char* GetCreationMessage() const override
return "Copyright Notice";
MyPlugin, // Add to container "MyPlugin"
MyCreationMessagePlugin, // Class to add to the container
SoundEngineSourcePlugin // Sound engine plug-in to which this plug-in corresponds
virtual const char * GetKey() const =0
Returns a unique key used in the .wproj to indicate whether the licensing message was shown.
#define AK_ADD_PLUGIN_CLASS_TO_CONTAINER(ContainerName, WwiseClassName, AudioEngineRegisteredName)
(C++) Adds a Wwise Authoring plug-in and a Sound Engine plug-in to a plug-in container.
virtual const char * GetCreationMessage() const =0
Returns a unique creation message shown to the user.