Wwise Unreal Integration Documentation
Release Notes 2021.1.4.7707.2130

Each version of this integration matches a specific build of Unreal Engine 4. Here is what has changed in the 2021.1.4.7707.2130 release of the integration (in addition to upgrading to the new Unreal build).

This integration does not support experimental Unreal Engine 4 features.
This integration compiles against Unreal Engine versions 4.23 and up, but was only tested against Unreal Engine 4.26.

For earlier versions, please refer to Previous Release Notes.

New Features

  • WG-29814 Added support for offline rendering.
  • WG-55847 Added a new module to the Unreal plugin: AkAudioMixer, which allows outputing Unreal Audio Mixer output to a Wwise Audio Input source. Added a new input component to the Unreal plugin: AkSubmixInputComponent, which enables using an Unreal submix as a Wwise Audio Input source.
  • WG-56104 Added a custom section in the AkGeometry Details Panel to control the surface property overrides.
  • WG-56197 Exposed the offline rendering SDK functions in AkAudioDevice.

API Changes

  • WG-55479 Exposed the offline rendering SDK functions in AkAudioDevice.

Bug Fixes

  • WG-52933 Fixed: Possible crash when replacing renamed Wwise UAssets with Automatic Asset Synchronization turned off.
  • WG-54119 Fixed: Acoustic textures are assigned to incorrect faces in Spatial Audio Volumes after editing the brush geometry.
  • WG-54524 Fixed: "Ensure condition failed" error during Sound Data generation.
  • WG-55714 Fixed: Reading bad memory in Spatial Audio when UE4 is used under address sanitizer.
  • WG-55920 Fixed: Non-zero values appear in the Transform property for AkPortalComponent, AkRoomComponent, AkLateReverbComponent, and AkGeometryComponent.
  • WG-55941 Fixed: Incorrect room orientations in AkRoomComponent.

Fixes for Community-Reported Bugs

  • WG-51494 Fixed: Possible crash if AutoSaves are triggered during Sound Data generation. AutoSave is now toggled off during the generation process.
  • WG-54995 Fixed: FAkMixerPlatform::GetOutputDeviceInfo does not properly initialize the requested channel information.
  • WG-55312 Fixed: RecursionNotAllowed error caused by media being loaded before the AkAudio module has been initialized.
  • WG-55548 Fixed: Collision geometry from AkGeometryComponent arranged incorrectly.
  • WG-55715 Fixed: Media can be unset in the Sound Engine in the edge case where media asset destruction happens after construction during level transitions.
  • WG-55966 Fixed: Crash caused by convolution reverb media being freed too early during unloading.
  • WG-56058 Fixed: Missing category on UAkLateReverbComponent UPROPERTY prevents the engine plugin from building.
  • WG-56139 Fixed: Potential deadlock during sound data generation when parsing SoundBank asset data.