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Unreal Engine

Each release of the Unreal Wwise plug-in is customized for certain versions of the Unreal Engine. Be sure to use one of the supported versions of the Unreal Engine, as indicated in Release Notes 2019.1.3.7048.1409


This plug-in is based on Wwise 2019.1.3 build 7048; while it is possible to use an alternate version of the Wwise SDK, modifications to the plug-in code may be necessary.


This plug-in has been tested on Windows, Mac, Linux (SteamOS), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. Modifications may be required to target other platforms.

Note that to ease cross-platform development, it is mandatory to have installed the Windows and Mac Wwise SDKs before installing the Unreal Wwise plug-in.

Development Environment Setup

Please refer to the UE4 documentation:

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