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GenerateSoundBanks Commandlet

The Wwise Unreal plug-in provides a commandlet allowing you to generate SoundBanks from the command line. Usage of the commandlet is:

<UE4-Editor-cmd.exe> <path_to_uproject> -run=GenerateSoundBanks [-platforms=listOfPlatforms] [-banks=listOfBanks] [-wwiseCliPath=pathToWwiseCli]

Parameters are :

  • platforms: (Optional) Comma separated list of platforms for which SoundBanks will be generated, as specified in the Wwise project. If not specified, SoundBanks will be generated for all platforms.
  • banks: (Optional) Comma separated list of SoundBanks to generate. Bank names must correspond to a UAkAudioBank asset in the project. If not specified, all SoundBanks found in project will be generated.
  • wwiseCliPath: (Optional) Full path to the Wwise command-line application, used to generate the SoundBanks. If not specified, the path found in the Wwise settings will be used.
  • help: (Optional) Print this help message. This will quit the commandlet immediately.

Example usage:

<UE4-Editor-cmd.exe> <path_to_uproject> -run=GenerateSoundBanks -platforms=Windows,Mac
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