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Changes Made to Your Unity Project

During the installation process, the following changes were made to your Unity project:

  • The Disable Audio option in Edit > Project Settings > Audio was selected. This disables the built-in audio system.
  • If the "Create WwiseGlobal GameObject" check box has been checked, a game object named "Wwise Global" was created in the current scene. This object has the global scripts AkInitializer and AkTerminator to initialize Wwise. There are a few customizable options in the initializer script. The WwiseGlobal object is also given AkEditorEventPlayer, AkAudioListener and AkGameObj scripts which are used for previewing AkEvent objects in edit mode. A Rigidbody component is added such that interactions between AkEnvironment, AkRoom and AkGameObj can also be previewed.
  • The Script Execution Order has been set for sensitive Wwise scripts (AkInitializer, AkGameObj, AkAudioListener, AkBank, and AkTerminator).
  • If the "Add Ak Listener to Main Camera" check box has been checked, the Audio Listener component has been removed from the Main Camera object, and the default AkAudioListener.cs script has been set on the Main Camera object.
  • The Play in Background option has been set to allow you to connect the Wwise Profiler
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