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Wwise Unity Integration Documentation
Where Should My SoundBanks Be Located?

When running in the Unity Editor, the SoundBanks are taken directly from the Wwise project's GeneratedSoundBanks folder. This helps in faster prototyping.

When packaging your game, Unity does not have a way to discriminate between assets that are built specifically for one platform or another. It packages all the SoundBanks located under StreamingAssets (…\UnityProjectName\Assets\StreamingAssets\Audio\GeneratedSoundBanks). Wwise, on the other hand, generates different SoundBanks for each platform in subfolders. To avoid packaging the SoundBanks for all platforms with your game, you should keep the Wwise Settings > Asset Management > Enable copying of soundbanks at pre-Build step option enabled. This will ensure to include only the SoundBanks for the platforms to be built.

Alternatively, advanced Unity developers could use a BuildPlayerPipeline script.

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