Chapter 1. Welcome to the Wwise Audio Lab

Audiokinetic created a game-like environment, the Wwise Audio Lab, using the Unreal Engine and, of course, the Wwise Unreal Integration. WAL serves as an advanced learning and testing tool. It helps users understand how the Wwise sound engine is integrated into an Unreal project, while also providing a fun environment for sound designers to freely experiment with various Wwise technologies.

Why use WAL?

  • Many audio features are worth experiencing with different settings, such as using speakers with various channel configurations or using headphones with Audio Objects.

  • WAL and its corresponding Wwise project allow testing Wwise within a 3D environment.

  • The Wwise project alongside WAL enables the real-time monitoring of all components under the hood in this interactive project.

What is WAL?

  • WAL is an Unreal Engine world populated with two maps, for the time being, namely the Village and the Echo Room.

    • The Village is a realistic island community comprised of a town square, two soccer fields, a fountain, a campfire site, a park, a number of different sized and shaped buildings, and surrounding mountains and water.

    • The Echo Room is an enclosure which can be customized for size and material. It includes a radio with an adjustable path and output.

How to use WAL?

Should you experience problems at any point when going through the steps or would like to provide feedback, please use one of our official channels: