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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the limitations of the Free Trial version?

The Free Trial version allows you to create a project for non-commercial use only and is limited to 200 media assets in the Wwise SoundBanks. If you need more media assets, you can also request a free and unrestricted Non-Commercial License. To do so, please register your project here. Note that if you decide to commercialize your project and need to go beyond the 200 media asset limit, you are required to purchase a Wwise Commercial License.

How can I evaluate Wwise plug-ins?

The Wwise Free Trial version includes access to all Integrated Wwise plug-ins for use in both the authoring environment and in SoundBanks. To start an evaluation of any Premium plug-in, you must first register your project here. If you have already created a project that has been approved, you can contact the Wwise Developer Relations Team to request an Evaluation License for the specific plug-ins you'd like to try.

Note that after the Evaluation period has expired, Premium plug-ins will not be included in any built SoundBanks until you purchase the appropriate plug-in license.

Can I use my Wwise product License for another project?

The Wwise Project License is tied to a specific project (Licensee Title), so it cannot be used to create new titles. Doing so breaches the terms of the Audiokinetic Master License Agreement, or the Audiokinetic License Agreement, and the EULA. If you require an Evaluation License for a new project, please register your project here.

Will I be reminded when a current license is going to expire?

Yes, you will be reminded on your Audiokinetic Customer Portal project account page as well as in the SoundBanks Generation Log in Wwise. You will also receive a courteous email reminder from Audiokinetic.

What happens when my Wwise Limited Commercial License expires?

The Wwise Limited Commercial License is extendable by the user within the Audiokinetic Customer Portal project account page. A button to extend your Limited Commercial License will appear when you are within 30 days of your upcoming expiration.

Do you provide a Wwise License for educational use?

Absolutely! If you are a school, please go to the Teach Wwise section and click on the option that best suits you to contact us. If you are a student, please check out the list of schools under the Audiokinetic Creators Directory and find out if your school is registered. If not, please encourage your teacher to register your school. Otherwise please register your project here to obtain a Wwise Non-Commercial License.

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