Wwise is the most advanced, feature-rich interactive audio solution for games. Whether you're an indie or a multi-million dollar production, Wwise will work for you. The Wwise audio solution has made its mark in the gaming industry and is now facilitating the advancement of interactive audio across multiple sectors.

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Wwise Spatial Audio is a family of built-in spatial audio features complemented by in-house and 3rd party plug-ins that seamlessly integrate with the Wwise production workflow. Wwise Spatial Audio specializes in sound propagation, virtual acoustics, and spatially informed audio rendering. As a continuing research field at Audiokinetic, many new spatial audio features, plug-ins, and partnerships can be expected in the coming years.

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Audiokinetic has developed a series of premium plug-ins that target the specific needs of interactive sound design and enhance the Wwise experience. Please visit our plug-ins section to learn more about Audiokinetic’s premium plug-ins and free integrated plug-ins, as well as other plug-ins developed by our partners, or community.

Wwise Convolution lets you create convincing reverberation based on samples of real acoustic spaces, from the smallest room to the largest cathedral. You can use the impulse responses provided by Audiokinetic and AudioEase. Or import your own in any channel configuration, including ambisonics.

Wwise Motion lets you use the Wwise Authoring Tool to control not only the sound, but the haptic feedback of your control interface.

Wwise Reflect is a geometry-informed plug-in that dynamically renders early reflections based on the proximity of the listener/emitter to reflective surfaces, such as walls, ceilings, and floors. Wwise Reflect not only enhances immersion and the sense of space, but also brings out variety and naturalness from limited audio assets by blending them with a dynamic environment. Wwise Reflect offers full customization, catering to the artistic needs of sound designers and today’s interactive media narrative and storytelling demands.

SoundSeed is a family of specialized sound generators. Crafted with interactive audio in mind, these plug-ins help saving on CPU and memory while generating infinite variations. SoundSeed synthesized sounds can be used alone or combined as a layer with other pre-recorded sounds to generate rich audio content.

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Wwise features an open API and integrates easily into in-house game engines and the world's top commercial game engines. Please visit our integrations section to learn more about integrations developed and maintained by Audiokinetic, as well as third-party distributed, or community managed integrations.

The new Wwise Authoring API allows the comprehensive integration of Wwise into any engine, tool, or application. It is usable from any Internet-capable language, operating system, or environment.

The Wwise Unity Integration is a Unity plug-in that allows the use of the Wwise Sound Engine in Unity games. The Integration consists of a Unity plug-in library, the Wwise SDK API bindings in C#, a few other helpful components and Editor windows.

The Wwise Unreal Integration is an Unreal Engine plug-in that enables you to use the Wwise Sound Engine in Unreal games. It leverages Unreal Engine Objects and Blueprints to expose Wwise features. It is also fully integrated with Unreal Engine's Level Sequencer and provides occlusion support. Last but not least, a Wwise Authoring API layer allows for deeper integration and support of advanced Wwise features. Learn more

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