Wwise Convolution lets you create convincing reverberation based on samples of real acoustic spaces, from the smallest room to the largest cathedral. You can use the impulse responses provided by Audiokinetic and AudioEase. Or import your own in any channel configuration, including ambisonics.

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How to install Plug-ins

High Quality Reverb Processing

  • Processes Reverb in 24-bit
  • Supports all channel configurations including ambisonics
  • Reduces runtime CPU and memory usage by optimizing impulse response in the time and frequency domains

Bundled Impulse Responses

  • Includes 20 high quality impulse responses and 55 ShareSets
  • Import your own IRs to extend your palette of environments
  • Get creative by using any sound effects as IRs

Altiverb Game Bundle

  • Includes 49 high quality Outdoor Impulse Responses
  • Represents the best selections high quality Altiverb impulse responses for games
  • Includes IRs specialized for outdoor environments
  • Bundle will cover shipping on as many platforms you may need


Deploy everywhere. Mobile, desktop, console and AR/VR.

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