Impacter is a new source plug-in prototype inspired by the spirit of the original SoundSeed Impact Plug-in. It allows designers to load “impact” sound files into the plug-in and generate sound variations using cross-synthesis, as well as manipulations using intuitive physically-informed parameters. Impacter’s functionality and capacity for cross synthesis can be stretched and creatively misused to explore novel sound design possibilities as well.

While Impacter is being offered as a prototype, it should fit seamlessly into your authoring workflow, and its game runtime is a lightweight and stable synthesis algorithm that won’t break your memory or CPU budget.

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Impacter’s properties allow designers to manipulate the physicality of the source sounds:

  • Mass uniquely stretches or compresses the length and pitch of the sound to change its feeling of size or weight.
  • Velocity affects the intensity of the impact, changing the timbre and amplitude of the sound.
  • Position shapes the timbre of the sound as if the impact was occurring at different places on a surface. Think of how a drum skin sounds different at the edges compared to the middle.
  • Roughness adds a metallic inharmonicity to the sound.

Randomizing parameters and cross synthesis combinations makes Impacter a powerful variation generator:

  • When using Impacter with a collection of files, the plug-in will randomize the choice of impact and body with each play event.
  • A small set of footstep sound files for example suddenly becomes many more variations.

The functionality of Wwise has been extended to support Impacter:

  • There is no need for an external analysis tool or handling of analysis result files
  • All the analysis is handled within the Authoring plug-in
  • Resulting synthesis model is packaged into the project’s soundbanks.

Impacter UE4 Demo

  • The Impacter plugin-in prototype comes with an example Unreal project demonstrating the use of Impacter in a simple game environment. The project is located at: SDK/plugins/Impacter/Unreal/ImpacterUE4Demo

Versions & platforms

This plug-in is compatible with the following Wwise versions: 2021.1

This plug-in runs on the following platforms.

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