SoundSeed™ Air belongs to the SoundSeed™ family of specialized sound generators. Crafted with interactive audio in mind, this plug-in helps saving a tremendous amount of CPU and Memory compared to sample-based approach while generating variations. SoundSeed Air synthesizes an infinite variety of wind and whoosh effects using virtually no runtime memory and CPU.

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Infinite Variety

  • Can be used alone or combined as a layer with other pre-recorded sounds to generate rich audio content
  • Increase immersion by connecting game variables such as speed and distance to the SoundSeed™ Air plug-in parameters

Low Memory and CPU Usage

  • Uses very low CPU for synthesis
  • Minimal memory usage for synthesized sounds
  • Low impact on CPU and memory opens up options for more or higher quality sounds to be added to your project while staying within budget

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Versions & platforms

This plug-in is compatible with the following Wwise versions: 2009.1 to 2021.1

This plug-in runs on the following platforms.

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