SoundSeed™ Grain belongs to the SoundSeed™ family of specialized sound generators. A granular synthesizer which can be added to a Wwise project as a source Plug-In, SoundSeed Grain allows you to granulate and transform audio files with extreme flexibility, through granular synthesis and derivatives such as cloud, pulsar, concatenative and wavetable synthesis. SoundSeed Grain can be used to create particle effects, 3D ambiances and room tones, textured soundscapes, as well as time domain time-stretching and pitch-shifting, and is also a great sound design tool for making drones, UI and sci-fi sounds and music. It also features a plethora of sleek UI features that enhance the user experience.

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Installation instructions

Key features

  • Independent control of grain duration, emission and pitch
  • Forward and backward playback
  • Various envelope shapes and control
  • Independent 3D spatialization of grains
  • Visualization features to help design: grains, live slider feedback, envelope preview, VU meter
  • Per-grain filtering
  • MIDI control

Modulation of all properties

  • Modulators embedded in the plug-in UI
  • RTPC and Wwise Modulators
  • Quantization to musical scales

Grain start positions can be snapped to markers

  • Markers can be set automatically by Wwise based on transient detection
  • Markers can be embedded in the source audio file with an external wave editor
  • Markers can be set and moved manually

Optimized file conversions

  • Optimized for speed: supports run-time PCM and ADPCM decoding
  • Smooth integration with Wwise audio file conversions ShareSets and all their features

Pricing for games

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Versions & platforms

This plug-in is compatible with the following Wwise versions: 2018.1 to 2021.1

This plug-in runs on the following platforms.

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