SpectralMultiEffect by zerocrossing, is an effect plug-in that applies transformations to the frequency spectrum and makes time/frequency domain signal data available to the application to enable enhanced interactivity. A great variety of effect combinations are possible, as well as visualization of the audio data during Authoring Tool monitoring.

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Installation instructions

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Audio signal callback for the game

Obtain data from your audio signal in several possible formats, and use this data to control any behavior in your application.

Multiple effects

11 effects available, as well as pitch shifting. Up to three effects can be applied in sequence.

Audio data visualization

When monitoring in the Authoring Tool, it is possible to see a graphic representation of the signal in time or frequency domain.


Multiple presets show the diversity of possible sound transformations.

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Versions & platforms

This plug-in is compatible with the following Wwise versions: 2019.2.11 and later

This plug-in runs on the following platforms.