Free Integrated Plug-ins


  • Delay
  • Flanger
  • Guitar Distortion
  • Harmonizer
  • Pitch Shifter
  • Stereo Delay
  • Time Stretch
  • Tremolo


  • Compressor
  • Expander
  • Gain
  • Matrix Reverb
  • Meter
  • Parametric EQ
  • Peak Limiter
  • Recorder
  • RoomVerb

Audiokinetic Premium Plug-ins

Audiokinetic has developed a series of premium plug-ins that target the specific needs of interactive sound design and enhance the Wwise experience.

Wwise Convolution lets you create convincing reverberation based on samples of real acoustic spaces. Accurately reproduce any space from the smallest room to the largest cathedral.

SoundSeed is a family of interactive sound generators. SoundSeed synthesized sounds can be used alone or combined as a layer on top of other pre-recorded sounds to generate rich audio content.

Wwise Motion lets you use the Wwise Authoring Tool to control the haptic feedback of your control interface.

Audiokinetic Partner Plug-ins

Audiokinetic is proud to partner with industry-leading audio developers, bringing their plug-in solutions to you.

AudioEase provides Wwise users with a game-centric selection of Altiverb impulse responses to enhance the Wwise Convolution plug-in.

Auro-3D® is the next generation three-dimensional audio standard. It provides the most immersive and natural realistic 3D sound experience. Completely immersing the listener in a cocoon of life-like sound, Auro-3D® creates the sensation of actually 'being there'. Thanks to a unique 'height' layer, acoustic reflections are generated and heard naturally as sounds originate from around, as well as above the listener.

iZotope offers a suite of their most popular sound design plug-ins for use directly within Wwise. The suite of Trash tools and Hybrid Reverb can take your sound design projects to the next level.

McDSP brings a selection of their award-winning plug-ins directly to Wwise. These plug-ins, which are considered a staple for audio professionals in the film and music industries are now available for your interactive needs.

Crankcase Audio, Inc. has brought their revolutionary REV system to Wwise, allowing you to create realistic engine sounds using granular synthesis techniques to eliminate looping.

Enjoy real-time and seamless connection between Nuendo 7 or its later versions and Wwise, via the Game Audio Connect feature. Steinberg Nuendo offers utmost compatibility, flexibility and the richest feature set for sound creation, composing, dialog recording, mixing and middleware interaction.