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Does anyone else's game freeze up after having upgraded to 2014.1.1?

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I was previously running Wwise 2013.2.5 with my game and then last week upgraded to 2014.1.1.  Now I am getting a couple of errors when I profile the game in the Wwise Profiler:

1) "Insufficient memory in pool: Lower Engine Default.  Attempted alloc size: 6144 bytes."

2) Voice Starvation


In the process of upgrading, I did change any AkGameObject and AkGameObjectTracker scripts to use the new AkGameObj class

These appear more and more frequently until after several minutes the game will freeze up for minutes at a time.  I tried upping the memory pools and that seemed to delay freezing up by 8-10 minutes, but it's still freezing up.  I'm developing for PS4.  Any insights to this problem would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
asked Feb 4, 2015 in General Discussion by Randy Y. (110 points)

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