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Is it possible to route a listener through to specific channel?

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I'm very new to this but getting there slowly I think!

I want to be able to set a listener object (game object assigned as listener rather than emitter) to a specific audio bus so that I can route it to a specific speaker/channel.

I think that's the correct terminology but correct me if I'm wrong!

I'm using Unreal Engine and plan to be able to place virtual listeners in the same spatial locations as my physical speakers (for an LBE) and then route each listener output to the correct corresponding speaker/channel to play back the sound spatially with Wwise doing the calculations for panning/attenuation etc for each listener/speaker.

Is this possible? This blog post leads me to believe it is but so far I can use the Wwise channel router and sub bus channels to separate Sound SFX play back to specific channels but don't know how to set this to a specific listener in Unreal Engine (I set the Sound SFX object directly in the Wwise authoring environment under its General Settings>Output Bus)


Any help greatly appreciated please :)

I'm trying to use Wwise with Unreal Engine so that I can simulate the placement of speakers (listeners/microphones using Wwise game objects) in the engine and then route them through to the correct speaker channel so that each speaker is associated with one listener which calculates the correct attenuation/panning/spatial 

asked Oct 5, 2022 in General Discussion by Sean D. (110 points)

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