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Music: "Exit source at Next Grid" should include the Exit Cue if it falls on the grid

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Hi there,

Oftentimes, I'm dealing with content that results in segment lengths of 4 bars.

Musically, it sounds best when transitions occur every 2 bars or 4 bars, and so the grid is usually configured as such, and MusicTransitions are scheduled exit the source material at the Next Grid.

Where this always ends up falling apart, and causing a plethora of extra work on my end, is how the Exit Cue of a Music Segment is not included in Next Grid definitions.

I can't include an image, so I'll do my best to describe a common situation:

  • I have multiple MusicSegments within a MusicPlaylistContainer and all MusicSegments are 4 bars in length.
  • If a MusicTransition is scheduled, I'd like for the source to be exited at the Next Grid, which I've set up as 2 bars.
  • The ExitCue of each MusicSegment falls directly on the downbeat of Bar 5, therefore I'd expect this to be an source exit location.
  • Next Grid does not account for Exit Cues, so the only possible exit location for any of my MusicSegments is the downbeat of Bar 3.
  • Depending on the content, this can delay the MusicTransitions quite significantly.

I believe this to be a bug. The only workaround I have for this issue is creating custom cues exactly where I've identified the Frequency of my Grid, and then using Next Cue to exit source material. This defeats the purpose of having the Next Grid, and in actual practice, I'm often dealing with dozens of MusicSegments per playlist, and the time sink becomes quite dramatic.

Can Next Grid include Exit Cue's? If not, can there be a hybrid rule: Next Grid or Cue?


Wwise version 2021.1.6

asked Oct 5, 2022 in Feature Requests by Cameron Konner (180 points)
Thanks for the suggestion!

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