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Transitions in Music Switch Container Not Working

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Hello everyone,

my transitions in the Music Switch Container do not work properly. In depth, it's the pre-entry and post-exit that do seem to get ignored, so that fade-ins or fade-outs do not have any impact, so music changes abruptly which does not sound very nice. I'm going to give a detailed report, hope you will understand what I mean.
I want to switch between two states, fast and slow. My Music Switch Container that is split inside into two Music Playlist Containers (fast and slow), which each have a Music Segment and its track inside:

I actually have three of those Music Switch Containers in total, the two others are except for different tracks exactly like this one. But that shouldn't be a problem.

I have issues with the transitions' pre-entry and post-exit between the two Playlist Containers. It used to work some hours before, that is why I think it should be right. Now it suddenly does not work anymore. All tracks have the same length, same beat and are loopable. Entry and Exit Cue for each track are set correctly in Wwise and equal for each track.

Slow and Fast refer to states related to the character's running speed ingame. Slow running, slow  music. Fast running, Smooth fade to fast music and the other way round. As mentioned, the fade does not work.


Somehow the pre-entry and post-exit get completely ignored.

I actually had many more detail and images here, but can't send it because of the 8000 character limit.

Had to rework this report several times to fit in. It would be nice to be told by the editor when the limit is reached while writing. :(


For me it seems as a bug, that the transitions won't play the pre-entry and post-exit. If you have any suggestions or know what I'm doing wrong, please leave a comment. I'd be happy about any fast response, I need this for a project we're working on. I hope I explained everything clearly.


asked Feb 12, 2015 in General Discussion by Philipp K. (130 points)

1 Answer

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Still having this issue in 2021, ie. my post-exits aren't playing. I tried learning from your post. This is my setup:

A Unity parameter (0-100) changes an RTCP (0-100), which in turn changes a Switch Group. Those switches are set up to trigger different Playlist Containers in the Music Switch Container Association Editor. In the Music Switch Container, I set up transitions between its Playlist Containers and ensure "Play post-exit" is enabled for each transition. My post-exits still don't play, but my pre-entries do for some reason. If I'm doing something wrong, I hope someone can point it out.

Solution I tried: I considered maybe Switches weren't meant to be used with music, as they are immediate and States can change over time (and the tutorial videos I've seen use States). I changed my entire system to be able to use States instead (in a duplicate project of course), sacrificing the ability to use game parameters directly (as game parameters can drive switches but not states), but to no avail. My pre-entries play, my post-exits don't. The transitions are awful. I hope someone will be able to provide insight into this issue.

Any help appreciated!


answered Feb 21 by Oliver G. (150 points)