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WAAPI can't create MusicFade objects

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It is awesome to be able to modify MusicFade objects using WAAPI, especially when there are many (hundreds?) of MusicTransitions within a MusicSwitchContainer.

However, unlike CustomCue objects, which can be created within MusicSegments with core.object.create using the Lists argument, the same can't be done for MusicFade objects.

MusicFade objects cannot be created with WAAPI. So while it is possible to modify many MusicFade objects in one command (e.g. the user wants to change hundreds of existing MusicFade objects to the linear fade-type instead of exponential), the MusicFade must exist beforehand. The only way to actually create a MusicFade object is through the authoring tool. The user has to go into the MusicTransition, enable the bool that specifies which MusicFade you want to make (which can also be performed via WAAPI), and click on the "Edit..." button.

After saving, the MusicFade object is part of the .wwu and can be modified with WAAPI.

Can the creation of MusicFade objects through WAAPI be supported in the future? This would really speed up tedious music workflows.


Wwise version 2021.1.6 (though the documentation for 2022 shows the behavior should be the same).

asked Nov 26, 2022 in Feature Requests by Cameron Konner (180 points)

1 Answer

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Thanks for reporting this issue. I confirm the Music Fade objects can only be created in the user interface. We took note of the issue.

FYI: We are currently working on a roadmap to expose the complete Music Hierarchy from WAAPI.
answered Nov 28, 2022 by Bernard R. (Audiokinetic) (34,430 points)
That's great news, thanks! I do a lot of automation work with WAAPI in the Interactive Music Hierarchy, and there are just some things I can't modify using WAAPI and end up scripting changes to the .wwu directly.

E.g. JumpToPlaylistItemRef, TransitionObjectRef, MusicPlaylistItem ordering, Music Switch Container Association Editor mappings (PathElementRef/AudioNodeRef) etc.