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how to loadbank in unreal (v2022.1.1)

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2023.01.29-09.20.58:133][241]LogWwiseFileHandler: Error: IO Hook doesn't support opening by Name: New_SoundBank.bnk
[2023.01.29-09.20.58:133][241]LogWwiseFileHandler: Error: IO Hook doesn't support opening by Name: New_SoundBank.bnk
[2023.01.29-09.20.58:133][241]LogAkAudio: Warning: FAkAudioDevice::LoadBank: Failed to load bank New_SoundBank. The operation failed.
[2023.01.29-09.20.58:137][242]LogWwiseMonitor: Error: Cannot open file New_SoundBank.bnk in path(s):

but there has New_SoundBank
asked Jan 29, 2023 in General Discussion by 有有 (160 points)
You figure this out?
when I loadbank like this
I am running into this same problem. Was there ever a solution found? It almost certainly feels like a bug because if the bank is automatically loaded, then my load and unload calls work. Once the bank is unloaded, these errors occur using the same functions and arguments and the bank can't be loaded and unloaded. The returned error is therefore incorrect since it can locate and unload the bank if the bank was automatically loaded prior.

When bank was previously auto-loaded by Wwise:
Bank Load Request Received (from [...].bnk)
Bank Already Loaded (from [...])
Bank Unload Request Received (from [...].bnk)
Bank Unloaded (from [...])

Then, running the exact same functions and arguments:
Bank Load Request Received (from [...].bnk)
Cannot open file [...].bnk in path(s):
Bank Load Failed
Bank Load Failed (from [...])
Bank Unload Request Received (from [...].bnk)
Unload bank failed, requested bank was not found: [...].bnk

Our Unreal Integration is correctly pointing to the WwiseProject, the GeneratedSoundBanks folder of the WwiseProject and the correct Wwise Installation version. Additionally, when the above errors occur, it shows the bnk under the "Object Name" column in the profiler alongside the request messages, indicating that it has indeed located the bank but is failing to load and unload it and not giving useful information why.

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Have you defined the Generated Sound Banks Folder inside your Unreal Project Settings?

answered Feb 2, 2023 by Lukas P. (190 points)
yes,I have. like this " ../Occulmist_WwiseProject/GeneratedSoundBanks"
i met the same problem.
the code is:
    FOnAkPostEventCallback nullcallback;
    UAkGameplayStatics::PostEvent(nullptr, GetOwner(), int32(0), nullcallback, false, "fire");

the error is:
[2023.03.06-03.19.04:224][463]LogWwiseFileHandler: Error: IO Hook doesn't support opening by Name: UI.bnk
[2023.03.06-03.19.04:224][463]LogWwiseFileHandler: Error: IO Hook doesn't support opening by Name: UI.bnk
[2023.03.06-03.19.04:224][463]LogAkAudio: Warning: FAkAudioDevice::LoadBank: Failed to load bank UI.bnk. The operation failed.

when i packaged to exe, it print error log.
what is the right path, and how to packag exe rightly.
I have encountered the same issue and so far haven't found a solution.

My generated soundbanks folder in wwise and project settings in unreal match.
I've also tried giving an explicit path when attempting to load the bank and recieved the same error.

I'd like to add that "Cannot open file [..] in path(s):" and then NOT outputting the path it's trying to load is both incredibly unhelpful and very frustrating!