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AK_Fail on Soundbank Load

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I tracked the issue down to it not finding the file.  It would be really great if this method reported file not found, if it doesn't find the file.   The documentation says it should report it.


We are using WWise in our own engine.  Since upgrading to version 14, I cannot load soundbanks on IOS.  (Android, and Windows work fine)    The error reported back when trying to load the init.bnk, is AK_Fail.  Is there any way to get more information on what the issue might be.   I'd be happy to step through, but I have no source code.  This is incredibly frustrating, because we were forced to upgrade to get 64-bit IOS support.  I'd be perfectly content running version 13, if a 64-bit version were available on IOS.   Since our code is essentially the same on all platforms, and it works on our other skus, I'm at a loss.  Also if I revert back to version 13, and build 32 bit on IOS, all is well.   The data lives in the same place, so I believe that is not the issue.  The path being passed in looks the same, so I believe that is not the issue.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thank you.
asked Mar 6, 2015 in General Discussion by Jason A. (140 points)

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