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Problems with Unity integration on Wwise_301 course?

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I have run into problems while doing the Wwise 301 course.


I am currently on Lesson 2: Ambiences and have found that the objectives in this lesson are not behaving properly in Unity.


For example:


Page 81: After following the directions step-by-step multiple times, I still cannot get the “Attenuation Sphere” (red sphere) to appear in Unity. I tried “Generate Soundbanks” multiple times in Unity. I also tried going back to Wwise and generating the Soundbanks there. I tried closing all software and starting the lesson again fresh.


Step 8 on page 81 shows the path “Wwise Adventure Game” under the Wwise picker. This is not the path we are told to select in the Unity Wwise settings on page 35 (Introduction) of this same tutorial. Under those instructions we are to browse for the “Wwise_301” project file and choose that as the Wwise project path. I tried Lesson 2 using “Wwise_301” and alternatively the “Wwise Adventure Game” path. Neither worked.


Moving on, I went through the rest of the steps without being able to see the attenuation sphere.

I increased the Attenuation Distance on the Windmill Blend container to 51 as shown in the tutorial.

This is supposed to make the Windmill Ambience audible from the player start position. I tested by playing the game and the Windmill Ambience is certainly not audible at the start position, and in fact is only barely audible up close to the Windmill itself. Also, testing the Windmill Event in the Wwise transport, the RTPC “Player Distance” has no effect on the attenuation (is there a “Camera Distance” RTPC needed?).


The next part of Lesson 2 “Using Large Mode” was also riddled with problems. On page 91, playing the game in the Library to listen for the Lava sound yielded no Lava sound. After following step 9 to “Add Large Mode position”, the new “AkAmbientPoint0” emitter could be heard in the game with Lava sounds.


Now, step 12 is ambiguous about the procedure instructions: “Use the AkAmbient Tool Bar and the Move tool to add more position objects in all quadrants.”. Just moving the “AkAmbientPoint0” object around does not create more object points, as obviously it just moves the same one around. Nowhere is it described what the “AkAmbient Tool Bar” is (usually the tutorial has visual references to the items described) so left to my own deductions I populated the Lava quadrants by duplicating “AkAmbientPoint0” multiple times and moving each one to new area on the Lava. Following the rest of the instructions, I was not able to get any of the new emitter points to sound in the game. Only the first “AkAmbientPoint0” itself would emit sound.


Given these issues, I do not see it possible to complete Lesson 2: Ambiences as I am now expecting errors from each stage.


If someone has experienced similar issues or has helpful advice on how to correct the problems, please chime in.




Wwise Adventure Game 2019.1.11.14

Wwise 2019.1.11.7296

Unity 2018.4.32f1

Windows 10 pro
asked Mar 8, 2023 in General Discussion by Craig V. (100 points)

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