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如何控制 Total Reserved Memory

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  • Wwise版本:2019.2

  • 游戏引擎:Unity 2019

  • 项目背景:战斗玩法的即时技能音效以Soundbank的方式进行加载。

  • 性能需求:音频内存即Total Reserved Memory 消耗在20MB左右(相对于SoundEngine来说)



此外,我们观察到,游戏运行过程中,实际使用的内存往往仅为内存池(Total Reserved Memory)的二分之一甚至更低(total reserved memory:40MB ;Total use memory:15MB),即分配的内存池的使用率较低。我尝试了在Unity的工程设置中设置Pool Size,依然无法控制Total Reversed Memory的浮动范围。


我们需要咨询在当前项目背景下,控制Total Reserved Memory(内存池)以达到20MB左右的性能指标的方法。

Topic: Looking for advice on a performance optimisation solution for My Wwise project Related to Total Reserved Memory

Dear audiokinetic official support partners,

I have encountered a problem with performance optimisation in my project and would like to get your help. Any response would be greatly appreciated, here are the details.

Problem Context

Wwise version: Wwise 2019.2

Game Engine: Unity 2019

Project Background: Skill sound effects of the combat gameplay are loaded in Soundbank.

Performance requirements: Audio memory i.e. Total Reserved Memory consumed at around 20MB (in relation to SoundEngine)

Current Solution

Replacing the original Soundbanks by creating the single Soundbanks in units of each Event automatically, i.e. One Event One Soundbank,similar to the EBP model.

Compared to the original solution, the memory was reduced by 35~45%, but still did not achieve the expected performance metrics.

In addition, we observed that the actual memory used during the game run was often only one-half or less of the Total Reserved Memory(Total reserved memory:40MB ;Total used memory:15MB), which means the allocated memory pool was underutilized. I tried setting the Pool Size in Unity's project settings, but still could not compress the floating range of Total Reversed Memory.

Urgent need for help

Please give some advice on ways to control the Total Reserved Memory (Memory Pool) to achieve a performance target of around 20MB in the context of the current project (please refer to the attached log).


Best wishes,

Looking forward to your reply!

asked Mar 10, 2023 in General Discussion by JiangTao (100 points)

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