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Wwise Unreal Engine Post Trigger not playing

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Hey, my question is relatively simple and straight forward, is Post Trigger container works in Unreal Engine? Is there anyone can make it working? I've been trying on both BP and C++, then I can confirm that I'm sending right values to object that playing the music (which I am not sure if it's important even), and I can't hear or profile anything related to that. It works fine on Wwise, but in UE no response. In debug it shows that it carries the trigger and object thru EXTERNAPI, then no action/sound can be heard, I wonder if it's wrong game object, but not sure still.

Jukebox object playing Background Theme(music) event (that has stinger)
Sending a Post Trigger on that object, that's the whole case

I solved the problem, but the resolution of this is even more interesting. Somehow, my latest soundbank generation never created Platform Asset Data for new events, and it's locked. I don't know what caused that, changing event-based packaging to syncing data didn't solve it. I solved that by activating WAAPI connection, then it generated Platform Asset Data for those events.
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