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How can I import and edit music, purchased on Unreal Engine 4, in Wwise? All files have .uasset extention.

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I've purchased a music pack on Unreal Engine Marketplace and I want to be able to edit and program it using Wwise 2022.1.4. But I can't import the files as all of them have .uasset extention. Is there a way to work with them on Wwise or do I have to ask the seller for WAV versions of the files? There must be easier solution to this... I am working on Unreal Engine 4.27 version integrated with Wwise 2022.1.4, as I mentioned earlier. I will greatly appreciate any help.
asked May 3, 2023 in General Discussion by RafaƂ B. (110 points)
i am not able to edit and program that package using Wwise 2022.1.4.

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