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Is there a way to export different parts or a "package" of what a a capture log contains? (advance profiler+performance)

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Is there a way to export different parts or a "package" of what a capture log contains?  like the stuff in the advance profiler and etc.
To analyse it in other software (excel, scripts, etc...)

I do not really care about the what is in the capture log window alone for this. I need the rest of the data in the .prof file.

The text version of a .prof file (saved log as text) does not contain all the info from the advance profiler and the performance usage also.

The reason why this would be amazing (if it already exists) :
Imagine a python script using WAAPI, connecting to a game build, making a bunch of captures, analysing the output of the performance (CPU and memory spikes for example) or searching for specific things and then creating a report (and excel sheet or whatever). maybe even telling you at what point a specific performance spike happened and related to what (after analysing the rest of the log at that point in time).... etc

Basically automatable testing and gathering of the results

At this time I believe it is impossible to analyse capture data (other than the exportable text version of a capture log. Which lacks informations) other than by hand when importing a .prof file into Wwise. This is manually intensive when you want to compare a bunch of different captures (say from a bunch of different testers...).

I would very much like to be proven wrong as this would help me build very interesting tools for the pipeline I am working with!

asked May 16, 2023 in General Discussion by Felix T. (100 points)

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