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Playstation : WwiseUnity: Bank failed to load (AK_InsufficientMemory)

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I can't get Wwise to load my soundbank in PS4 & PS5 builds.

I'm getting the following error : Playstation : WwiseUnity: Bank Music failed to load (AK_InsufficientMemory) - music being the name of my soundbank.

I also made a Nintendo Switch and a PC version that do work without any problem, so I doubt this is truly a memory issue.

I already tried to change Wwise Vorbis quality settings from medium to low, and to decrease sample rate to 24000 instead of 48000.

Wwise version is 2022.1.4 & Unity version is 2021.3.16

Thanks in advance, any help will be much appreciated
asked May 23, 2023 in General Discussion by rachid t. (100 points)

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