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How to configure Auto Loading of Wwise Banks in UE4?

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I asked a previous question on Event updating within UE4 and Wwise. it turned out that Auto loading of Wwise banks was turned off in Unreal. Would this technically make it impossible to preview the Audiokinetic Event in UE4 within the Editor (in other words, not playing a map)? If so it would be really nice to know how to temporarily turn on this feature for testing purposes.

 Also would be nice if the output error on finding no bank available or loaded would give a message to that extent. Instead I get 'Event ID not found' messages via the Output window in Unreal and the Event doesn't play. Since a number of things can presumably result in Event ID Not found messages, it makes it difficult to know what the problem is exactly.
asked Mar 30, 2015 in General Discussion by Scott L. (100 points)

1 Answer

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The auto-load option is a property of the AkAudioBank. In the Content Browser, double-click a AkAudioBank to show its properties. The auto-load option should be there. Make sure it is selected.

After bank generation, the UE integration should reload any SoundBank that has its auto-load checkbox selected.

As for the error message, Wwise does tell you when it can't find the SoundBank. This is done when you attempt to load the SoundBank. If it is already loaded, but the loaded bank does not contain your event, the error message will be that the event ID is not found. In your case, what probably happened is that your SoundBank was already loaded, and then you added an event to it, and re-generated it. However, its auto-load was off, so it was not reloaded, and when you attempted to post the event, it could not find it in the loaded bank.
answered Mar 31, 2015 by Benoit S. (Audiokinetic) (16,020 points)