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Problem using "Music Playlist Container" to loop music

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I want music to begin with an intro and then go into an infinite loop.

Previously I've solved this by cutting music into two parts - "intro" and "loop" - and then piecing them together in a "Music Playlist Container" (the "intro" segment playing once and the "loop" segment looping infinitely). Since the music is streaming, this method requires the "loop" segment to have "Zero latency" activated or else there might be a glitch (a short silence) when the "intro" segment ends and the "loop" segment is supposed to start. Also, this method obviously requires editing outside of Wwise which is cumbersome.

So, I want to use the "Entry Cue"/"Exit Cue" function in the "Music Segment Editor" to create the same flow (intro -> infinite loop) with one continuous music file in Wwise.

This is what I do:

1. In the "Music Segment Editor" I set the "Entry Cue" to about 25 seconds into the clip, then I set the "Exit Cue" at the very end of the clip (which is at approximately 36 seconds). This is what I guess it what decides the loop points because I can't find any other feature resembling anything similar - and if there is then I must say it has to be a pretty unintuitive design.

2. In the "Music Playlist Editor" containing the music segment, I set the music segment loop count to "infinite".

3. I press space to play audio and expect Wwise to play the clip until the "Exit Cue" and then loop it from the "Entry Cue".

What happens? Wwise starts playing the clip, and then after while another instance of the music starts playing ON TOP of the one that's already playing. After a while, a third instance starts playing... etc.

After half an hour of useless guessing and investigating with a stop watch I found out that the second instance starts playing after exactly eleven seconds - the same amount of time that is between my "Entry Cue" and "Exit Cue".

As an experiment, I moved the "Entry Cue" closer to the "Exit Cue" - and whaddayaknow? When I play the "loop", the second instance of the clip starts playing earlier. So, it turns out that when there's an "Entry Cue" and "Exit Cue" set, the clip doesn't loop - instead, Wwise starts playing the clip from the beginning (the "Pre-entry" bit) for as long as the time interval is between the "Entry" and "Exit" cues, and then it starts playing the clip again, and again, and again.

I can't for the life of me understand why it's designed this way, or how I'm supposed to make something loop properly without using separate clips for intro and loop parts - and frakly it's driving me a little insane. I've watched the Wwise video tutorials about interactive music (both of them) several times but they don't deal with this.

What do I do? Thanks in advance.

asked Apr 17, 2015 in General Discussion by Simon V. (150 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Simon,

click on your Switch Container and then go to "transitions", add a transition between your segment both "source" and "destination" and remove the "play pre-entry"

answered May 8, 2015 by SeB (380 points)
Hi Seb,

it appears that I also encounter Simon's issue, I think I've tried every possible option included yours above.
If I create the simplest music switch container with only one music playlist container playing in a sequence continuous one single music segment, this segment being in a transition as source and destination with removed play-entry,
I still have the pre-entry played each time the infinite sequence loops.
Are you sure that your solution is still working with v2015.1.2  5457?

It seems weird that this post is the only one that I could find related to the issue, maybe there's another obvious way to easily have intro/loop within the music switch container?

Any information would be great.


Romain Brillaud
I'm sorry, but this is extremely vague. Could you elaborate please?