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What is the best way to use compressed data on disk, but PCM in memory

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When developing a mobile game, reducing download size is a high priority. Playback, however, requires fully decompressed sound to prevent stalls/stuttering; especially when playing numerous, relatively short sounds.  I'd like to know the optimal method for achieving this with wwise. Can I decompress a sound bank on load? Do I need to write a plugin? Is there a way to convert and save PCM sound when the app is first launched? Thanks for any help.
asked Apr 20, 2015 in General Discussion by Daniel H. (110 points)

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There is no way (that I know of) that could do what you want with WWISE. What you could do is use External Sources instead which means you have more control over how you handle files. You can download compressed files, unpack them to RAM and stream them from there using External Sources.

// Erik
answered Apr 21, 2015 by Erik P. (180 points)