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Cone attenuation in Cube - I cant seem to LPF the teleport emitter when it's directly behind the player.

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Probably a very novice question but....In the Cube game - Surely the emitter should be able to be filtered down (using the cone attenuation) when it's directly (180 degrees) behind the player? I can't seem to get any difference between the sound of the emitter facing it and the sound of the emitter with it directly behind. Admittedly the difference in sound would be minimal but there would / should be a difference.

How? Thanks.
asked Jul 22, 2015 in General Discussion by Marley C. (160 points)
Same for me ...

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Just learned this! The emitter is actually facing up (or was it down?). Anyway, the only way to hear the cone is to press E to go into Edit mode then ghosting above and below it.
answered Mar 3 by Cameron B. (490 points)
selected Mar 4 by Marley C.
Fantastic, nicely figured out. Thank you!