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"The SoundBank is missing files" - how to get information on the missing files?

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I've encountered a non-fatal error when generating a SoundBank in my Wwise project - the message that Wwise presents is simply "The SoundBank 'MySoundBank' is missing files." This error does not prevent the SoundBank from being generated, so it is not a showstopper, but I would like to get rid of the error if I can. In navigating to the Details tab of the SoundBank Editor, I can see that there is one missing file in 'MySoundBank', but that seems to be the extent of the information that Wwise provides. How can I determine which file Wwise considers to be missing so I can re-add it? Googling this error does not give any results and there is no discussion of it that I can find in the Audiokinetic Community Q&A.


asked Mar 23, 2016 in General Discussion by Alexander H. (300 points)

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