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How to access MusicSegment Info in Unity c# Integration?

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Dear AudioKinetic,

I'm encountering the following challenge when trying to access music segment information such as info.iCurrentPosition. when I call:

public AkSegmentInfo infoSegment;
private uint iD;

void Start (){

iD = AkSoundEngine.PostEvent (eventName, this.gameObject,  (uint)AkCallbackType.AK_EnableGetMusicPlayPosition , MusicCallBack, this);


void Update (){

AKRESULT test = AkSoundEngine.GetPlayingSegmentInfo (iD, infoSegment);
print (test);


I get the result:  AK_NotImplemented. This in turn means I get null when trying to acces infoSegment and can't call infoSegment.iCurrentPosition.

What could this mean for this specific method? I looked for examples of other methods returning this result but I can't find any similarities. Am I missing something important?


asked Jun 17, 2016 in General Discussion by Nick v. (110 points)

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