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Accessing raw PCM data at runtime

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Hi there,

I need to access the raw PCM data for a number of events at runtime, and am wondering about the best way to achieve this.

I've tried building a couple of plugins to help with this (both in-place and out-of-place) but the problem I can't seem to get around is I'm only getting around 512 samples per frame to work with... nowhere near what I really need (a half second at a minimum).

A workaround that I might attempt is to use an out-of-place plugin to feed each 512 sample buffer back in to my code base. I could then buffer it up until I have enough to process, and then feed the result back to either a source plugin or the standard Wwise audio input plugin. This seems a little 'hacky' though so I'm hoping there's a more elegant solution.

A second partial solution I found is that I can use Wwise's streaming manager (IAkStreamMgr) to create an instance of the IAkAutoStream object and read the.wem files directly from disk. The trouble here is that the buffers I get from IAkAutoStream are (I assume) compressed audio and I'm having trouble tracking down anything in the Wwise SDK that I can use to convert said buffers in to the PCM format that I need.

Any ideas on a better approach I can take would be greatly appreciated!

asked Aug 31, 2016 in General Discussion by Oliver S. (310 points)

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