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AK_InsufficientMemory when loading soundbanks

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We are porting our game that was working on PC and PS4 to Xbox One


After generating the soundbanks for Xbox One using XMA, a lot of our levels couldn't load their soundbanks due to AK_InsufficientMemory error. Only once dropping from 75% quality to 35% quality did they eventually all load correctly. 


When we had the error, I profile the game using PIX and we were only using half the available memory available.  

As for AkInitializer, I tried doubling the memory settings (Default Pool Size, Lower Pool Size, Streaming Pool Size) with no success. 

With the Wwise profiler, the soundbanks seems to use their own pool and other pools weren't using anywhere their maximum. 


So my question is, what setting could I tweak to properly load our soundbanks with higher quality settings? 

How can i profile to see if the soundbanks loaded are close to the maximum allowed?



asked Sep 1, 2016 in General Discussion by Nam H. (350 points)

I was wondering if you ever found the cause of this issue as we are having an almost identical problem.


Hi John,
We switched to Vorbis. We know other teams that are using the same on this platform. We didn't notice any performance problem because of it.

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same problem here... How did you solve this problem ?


answered Jul 12, 2018 by Boris B. (140 points)
I have increase the memory pool using this function : ApuCreateHeap.
See my answer above. We switched to Vorbis.