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Ak related class/code not available in one C# script?

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So I'm trying to add some calls to Wwise via C#, but for some reason the Ak related class/code is not available in one (and only one) C# script. Whenever I type "AkSoundEngine", I get a red underline, and an error "The name 'AkSoundEngine' does not exist in the current context". Auto-complete detects/suggests nothing.

I'm using Visual Studio 2015 as my IDE. And yes, the correct version of Wwise is integrated in the Unity project.

If I create a new/edit an existing script, I have no issues whatsoever using the AkSoundEngine class, or Wwise related classes.

And interestingly enough, if I create a new script, then copy + paste the entire contents of the offending script, I am again able to use the Ak related class, and it shows up on auto-complete. Could this be a bug on Visual Studio's end?
asked Oct 10, 2016 in General Discussion by Daniel S. (100 points)

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