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Exceptionally large iOS lib (74 MB)

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   I've being trying to integrate Wwise in our unity project. The integration is fairly easy and I got everything work in few hours. 

  However I find the iOS libs ( libAKSoundEngine.a ) is terribly huge. In fact, the release lib is 74 MB. The release lib of MacOS is only 2.5 MB.....

   This  seems just worng because my game package is only about 22M before integrating wwise. Now the release pack is almost 100MB.  I think people will really think twice if is iOS lib really has to be so fat. 

   Is any way we can work around this?




asked Apr 14, 2014 in General Discussion by Wei W. (100 points)

1 Answer

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Check the following:

  • Open File->Build Settings
  • Select iOS
  • Click Player Settings
  • Expand Other Settings
  • Make sure the Stripping Level is as something else than Disabled
answered Apr 15, 2014 by Mathieu J. (Audiokinetic) (7,080 points)