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A global RTPC event sets the value of two different game objects to two different values. What could be causing this?

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The event in question is global and sets a parameter to 100. On a game object it actually doesn't affect, the profiler shows the value switch to 100, but on the game object I need it to alter, the value gets stuck at 40. I have tried bypassing slew rate and it doesn't change anything. I also tried making the event game-object scoped and linking it to the game object in question, but the same result occurs - stuck at 40. The parameter in question affects the game object volume, which is definitely scaled to 100. I can't think of anything that could be causing this, and my problem solving tracks have hit dead ends on every attempt to dig this out. Any ideas?
asked Dec 5, 2016 in General Discussion by Beatrix Moersch (2,850 points)

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For anyone who may have a similar problem - I discovered the issue. There was a line of code on the Unity side which was directly contradicting the RTPC by setting volume to 40. Apparently direct code takes precedence.
answered Dec 6, 2016 by Beatrix Moersch (2,850 points)