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Custom DSP Plugin in Unity With Limited Commercial License

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We created a custom dsp plugin, which seems to work nice in the WWise Authoring Software but fails to work in Unity 5 engine resulting in these errors: 

-Wwise: Could not find plugin dynamic library MyPlugin      <- we solved this by manually copying the MyPlugin dll into the plugins folder
-Wwise: Plug-in not registered: 105619    <- unresolved
-Wwise: Could not allocate effect: 105619(Object: Main Camera (UnityEngine.GameObject))  <- unresolved

At this point we wondered if this is a license issue as "3rd Party Plugins"  access is not part of the Limited Commercial License. Are custom plugins seens as  "3rd Party Plugins" or should it work and we did something wrong in our plugin code?





asked Feb 24, 2017 in General Discussion by Dominic P. (270 points)

1 Answer

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For anybody with the same problem. It is not a license issue. We  set the company and plugin id in the corresponding plugin.xml but missed to do the same in AK_IMPLEMENT_PLUGIN_FACTORY() macro call. Now the registraton works without any further problems.
answered Feb 28, 2017 by Dominic P. (270 points)