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Where can I find a download for the Impact Modeler?

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Where can I find a download for the Wwise SoundSeed Impact Modeler? When I click on the link from the documentation, I am routed to the download for the Wwise Launcher. Thanks for any help regarding this issue.
asked Mar 14 in General Discussion by Steven S. (140 points)
recategorized 4 days ago by Guillaume R. (Audiokinetic)

2 Answers

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Got the same problem...

I've a registred project, but I'm not able to find the Impact Modeler Download Link.

Do somebody know where is it?
answered Mar 17 by Graziano C. (140 points)
Hi Graziano C.:

Here is a link to the SoundSeed Impact Modeler Download. (Note: It is only available for Windows and, according to one Wwise dev, there won't be a Mac version in the foreseeable future:

Thank you so much, Steve...
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You can find the Impact Modeler here:

answered Apr 11 by Steven S. (140 points)