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"sound is not attached to any listener, will use virtual voice setting"

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I'm getting this message "sound is not attached to any listener, will use virtual voice setting" when play events are triggered, via the wwise profiler in a debug build.

Using version 2016.2.0.5972 in Unreal.

The game works fine on all other machines, except this one pc. And only in a built version. Editor works fine. Only special thing about it might be that it has Oculus and Vive connected and related software installed. I've tried disconnecting those but no help. (We already have commented out section of the wwise-unreal plugin that will cause sound to be gone if you have an Oculus connected and reloads a level.) This game is not a VR project.  I see that the plugin sets the listeners automatically based on connected players, but I've also tried to set it manually just in case. This did not help either.

Anyone know what this is?


asked Mar 20, 2017 in General Discussion by Arnleif M. (340 points)
Did you solve this problem?
Having the same error except it's only occuring for a single event. Looking for possible solution.

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The solution for me was delete the sounddrivers and let them be reinstalled. "listener" was not sound listeners, but devices, according to support. There is some code that will select sound to be played via VR headsets if found, and I suspect that something somehow got messed up on that machine and that the system, somehow, reported that it had VR devices connected while it did not.

answered Jun 6, 2017 by Arnleif M. (340 points)